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Reservations & Confirmations 1) The reservation of a group must be made in writing and imply the acceptance of the conditions of American Tour Professionals. 2) American Tour Professionals is engaged to give priority to the establishments suggested by its partners subject to their availabilities. The use of similar establishments on availability cannot give place to a refunding or a rebate of the suggested fee. 3) American Tour Professionals confirms in writing, accompanied by its proforma invoice, the hotels reserved for the program. In the event of refusal of the hotels confirmed by American Tour Professionals, the file is considered closed and the trip cancelled. Installments & Payments 1) The final reservation of the services is guaranteed by American Tour Professionals only with reception of the installment stipulated in the proforma invoice. The transfer corresponding to the required sum must be received at the date value indicated on the proforma invoice of American Tour Professionals. Certain trips organized during congress, sports events, festivals, or spectacles can be subjected to particular conditions imposed by our people receiving benefits. 2) The balance must be delivered at the date indicated on the invoice. 3) The delays of payment which can cause problems and cancellations on behalf of the suppliers, American Tour Professionals cannot be held responsible for the damages. In such a situation, American Tour Professionals reserves the right to preserve totality or part of the received installment. Cancellations ) For all group trips made up, based on a precise number of participants, any reduction in the number involves obligatorily a supplement for each other passenger. The following additional expenses of cancellation apply: 31 days and more before the arrival = 10% of Expenses From 30 to 21 days 25% of the price of the Tour From 20 to 08 days 50% of the price of the Tour From 07 to 03 days 75% of the price of the Tour After these deadlines the totality of the price of the Tour will be retained. Certain Tours organized during congress, sports events, spectacles, festivals or festivals, the purchase of air tickets or tickets of spectacles, sporting events etc will be subjected to particular conditions imposed by our partners receiving benefits. Advising of cancellations received on weekends and American holidays will be regarded as received the next business day. In case of cancellations and/or repositionings “generalized” following serious threats or terrorist acts, natural disasters or infectuous epidemics on American ground, American Tour Professionals is obliged to revise the expenses indicated above in order to protect the interests with all concerned partners including his. For whatever the reason may be, the interruption of a tour or the non-consumption of the services by the group or some of the participants do not give way in any case to a refund from American Tour Professionals. American Tour Professionals is in no case responsible for expenses incurred by the extension of a tour and/or additions of services resulting from incidents independent of its will. Any additional expenses (for lodging, restoration, transfers etc) caused by the extension of the duration of the initial program, must be dealt with on the spot by the participants except assumption of responsibility of the expenses by TO or Travel Agents, Partners of American Tour Professionals. Rooming Lists 1) Unless otherwise specified of our office, the Rooming List must be submitted at the latest 45 days before the arrival of the group. 2) The final rooming must be received 30 business days before the actual arrival of the group. 3) In the event the Rooming List is not submitted in time our hotel partners retain the right to cancel all reservations of the rooms. American Tour Professionals cannot be blamed or held accountable for such external prospective. Flights the name of the airline companies, the number of flights, schedules, the name of the landing airports and of take-offs must be provided to American Tour Professionals by its clients. American Tour Professionals cannot be held responsible for the consequences of the erroneous air information provided by its customers nor of the late arrivals of the flights for unspecified reasons. Hotels 1) Except stipulated differently, our usual hotels are 1st equivalents Category of the 2-3 French, or European stars. It is of rule in American hotel trade to take possession of the room starting from 15:00 and to release this one before midday no matter what the schedule of the flights arrivals and departures may be. 2) The rooms Triples and Quadruples are rooms with 2 beds of Queen Dimensions which must be divided between the 3 or 4 occupants of the same room. We don’t advise their use be made by adults. 3) The name of the hotels are given as an indication and can be replaced by others of similar category in the event of difficulties of availabilities. 4) The continental breakfasts are offered free by the hotels and are served in plastic covers and/or paperboards in a corner of a lobby or in a small room where there will not be enough tables or chairs for a whole group. Restoration 1) The purpose of the kitchen being primarily continental and by local place is to nourish. In any case, it has nothing to do with gastronomical meals. American Tour Professionals will not consider any complaint on the speed of the service, the special taste of the meals nor the cooking or the preparation of the dishes. 2) The menu of the lunches and dinners envisaged (except for cafets, buffets or picnics) will be composed of: Entry (soup or salad) Flat of resistance (chicken or steak or fish or hamburger or pastas) + trimming Servings (pastry makings or ice) Coffee or tea + drinking water the 3) Restaurants proposed by American Tour Professionals are not quoted as an indication and will not be confirmed until after checking their availability after receiving the installment. 4) If for reasons, quoted on the chapter “ vols”, meals offered on the arrival or departure day are not taken no refunds can be claimed for the non-consumed services. Guides & Tips 1) The duty and objective of the guides is above all to ensure that the services are envisaged while respecting the schedules and the safety of the travellers. They have a good knowledge of the country and American culture but they cannot be regarded as "conference guides ". 2) American Tour Professionals is engaged to refund only for the physical absences of the guides at the time of the services mentioned in the program of this first. 3) Usual tips for the guides and drivers not included in our estimates must be dealt with directly towards the end of the tour and by the participants. Ground Transportation. ) American Tour Professionals proposes comfortable and air-conditioned coaches but prefers not to qualify them “Coach of Great Tourism” because of the different application of standarts to the United States. In the event of disfonctioning, American Tour Professionals agrees to refund a sum equivalent to the time price of the bus for one duration equal to that of the breakdown. The responsibilities of American Tour Professionals as the Tour Operator and/or their agents are limited. They act only as agent for the passenger in regards to travel whether by railroad, motorcoach, private car, boat, aircraft or any other conveyance, and assume no liability for injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of defect, through the acts or defaults of any company or person engaged in conveying the passengers or in carrying out the arrangements of the tour, or as a direct or indirect result of acts of God, fire, breakdown in machinery or equipment, changes in schedule, acts of governments, wars, civil disturbances, strikes, theft, epidemics, quarantines, medical or custom regulations, or from any loss or damage resulting from improper passports, visas or other documents or from any other causes beyond American Tour Professionals's control. The right is reserved to decline to accept, or retain any tour passenger should such person's health or general deportment impede the operation of the tour to the detriment of other passengers. All rates are based on tariffs in effect at the time the tour was planned and are subject to change in the event of adjustments therein. No refunds for unused portions of the tour can be made. Tour services including but not limited to carriage by air, land or sea, guide services, hotel accommodations, restaurants and all other services are furnished by contractors who are independent and are not servants of American Tour Professionals and with whom American Tour Professionals has no relationship as joint venturer of otherwise. The acceptance of vouchers or participation in the tour by the clients shall be deemed to be an acceptance by such person(s) of the above conditions, and of the further condition that American Tour Professionals shall not be liable or responsible any way whatsoever for any inconvenience, loss, damage or injury arising out of or in connection with such tour service.

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